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Saudi brands Kudu

Posted by rabie soubra on January 10, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Saudi brands Kudu

Why is Kudu an important brand.

A customer metric-less testimony.

First of all, what is KUDU.

Kudu is a fast food brand, 100% Saudi, with a very good penetration in the Saudi food market, close to 200 restaurants which is a very good level in relative terms to the Saudi market.

Imagine a brand that was conceived to rival McDonalds and Burger King and other multinational giants, and succeeded in establishing a very respectable market presence.

Why is it a good brand?

First of all it is everywhere.

So the people in charge of this brand got it right as far as “place” is concerned and established a good spread, and still growing.

Second of all, it exudes value. They also got the “price” right. The perceived value is huge compared to the actual product. For the equivalent of 5 dollars you can really stuff yourself silly.

Third, it tastes awesome. So they also got the “product right”.

I am a secret fast food junkie. There, I admit it.

Secret because I hide this craving for fast food from my wife, my kids are co-conspirators with me on eating fast food. We simply love it.

But I tell you, while McDonalds and Burger king are huge international brands, they come no where near Kudu when it comes to taste. Actually on several occasions, while eating food from those two brands, I would stop right in the middle of my meal and say to myself, “this tastes awful”.

Not with Kudu, it really tastes great.

Fourth, to get out of the “P” classifier, it seems and feels healthy, or healthier, than its rivals. And this is a great advantage in my opinion.

The bread is definitely tastier than that of its rivals.

The vegetables are always fresh and crispy, unlike the sad and wilted vegetables you find in McDonalds and Burger King.

And the meat, chicken or beef, is tender, succulent and leaves a very velvety after taste.

I like it.

Fifth, you get the feeling that it is clean. Really clean.

While McDonalds and burger king score good points on hygiene, I still believe that Kudu trumps them in this area.

From a customer’s perspective this is extremely valuable.

Sixth, the personnel qualifications level in dealing with Saudi customers and in conducting themselves while working, is visibly better.

Seventh, their innovation is outstanding.

Someone there is doing something right.

The new products they launch are tasty, intelligent and mist importantly, relevant.

But this is not where the magic is. The magic is in the expectations. When you eat from McDonalds or Burger King, the expectations are not disappointing but they are flat. At Kudu, the expectations are pleasant every time. This makes me, as a customer, happy with my experience, and most of all, want to re-order fro Kudu real soon.

Can Kudu improve? Of course they can.

Their logo needs to be revitalized. The colors are nice, blue and yellow, really intimate and appealing, but the logo design is to 80’s. This is an area of improvement.

Also, their packaging materials are somewhat on the cheap side, flimsy and collapsible. Poor industrial design there.

But on the whole, it makes me feel proud that, as a Saudi brand, to reach this level of quality and success, rivaling giants in its field, is a commendable feat and I wish them more and more success.

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