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Content, the fourth wave

Posted by rabie soubra on November 17, 2011 at 2:55 PM

Content, the fourth wave

We are now living in historic times, without some of us noticing.

We are in the midst of the fourth wave of change that is impacting our society, economy, culture and even humanity.

This wave is the information wave.

The first wave that impacted our existence was the agricultural wave. When human society learned how to grow their own crops and tame their livestock, therefore the need to forage, the model that our existence was based on, was no longer necessary.

The second wave was the industrial wave. When we learned how to manufacture gods and products quicker, cheaper, faster and more profitably.

The third wave was the technology wave. The fax, the computers, the laptop, the cellular phone.

Now we are living in the information wave.

The information Tsunami that is sweeping across borders and cultures and traditions and convictions and opinions and feelings and everything else. This wave and its enormous ramifications is what we really need to fathom and to wield its powers and to avoid being swept overboard.

Especially in the field of advertising and marketing. The people that belittle the effect of this wave on the advertising and marketing business are dreamers or fools.

One “like” click on facebook is stronger than a TVC, one tweet is stronger than a campaign. One recommendation on linked in is stronger than a job interview.

People trust each other much more than they trust an intrusive form of communication or any other form of persuasion.

This trust now has a milieu of exchange that is free, versatile, and instant.

How many brands and agencies understand what this means to their marketing and communication efforts?

Very few.

And this is reflected by what they are saying and doing. Which is not much, or not relevant.

If we look at most websites we are immediately struck by the most clueless representation of meaningless information that does not tell much to the customer.

This is due to the fact that clients haven’t really grasped yet this information wave. They haven’t yet understood that to best ride this information wave, the surfboard that is required is called content.

Content, or what is the story of that brand or company or government department. Content that is created, curated and delivered seamlessly to customers on their terms and in their contextual relevance.

Telling the story instead of selling it.

The customers will not only believe, they will advocate and recommend.

This is not the future.

This is right now.

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